Passive Dehydration System Parts 

3x24-pds-new-rendering.jpgThe PDS, or Passive Dehydration System, is Croft’s preferred alternative to a glycol unit for the dehydration of natural gas. Dehydrating raw natural gas is necessary to remove the water to bring the gas to a point where it is within a range to make it pass pipeline specification usually 7 lbs/MMcf. The PDS utilizes a patented, environmentally-friendly desiccant, enviroDRI™, to dehydrate the gas with minimal moving parts. Wet gas enters the inlet at the bottom of the vessel which allows the gas to rise through the enviroDRI™ and combine through adsorption. Since the enviroDRI is non-hazardous, there are no special disosal instructions.

It is recommended that the PDS be serviced on a 30-day schedule to ensure the system is running properly, as well as the parts. As with any system, there are many parts that can wear down over time.