Thief Hatches

  • 8” Enardo 2000 Series EPRV

    Enardo™ 2000 Series emergency relief vents are designed to provide an opening for storage tanks when exposed to overpressure that are not handled by standard tank vents. These vents provide the capacity to meet API standard 2000 for emergency...

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  • 8” Enardo Thief Hatch Model 660

    Enardo™660 spring-loaded thief hatches are designed with a round base and cover. It is intended for use on steel and fiberglass tanks which require a tighter seal for reduced vapor loss.  Note: The lead time for the Enardo 660 Series is 5...

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  • 8” Enardo Thief Hatch Model ES-660

    Enardo™ ES-660 Series high-performance thief hatches are step forward in sealing technology. Unlike standard tank hatches, the Enardo ES-660 Series is proven to deliver a higher level of protection in the industry against thief hatch product...

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