About Us

 How we got started:

Croft Supply was founded by engineers that have been in the oil and natural gas industry for over 10 years. While designing and manufacturing equipment for production and processing in the oil and gas industry, they have worked with many vendors from small mom and pops to large national suppliers. In doing this, they found that the process of ordering parts and supplies is often complicated and time consuming, so they created Croft Supply in effort to make life easier for their clients.

Who we are:

Croft Supply is an online platform that allows clients to find the parts they need without having to set up any accounts, send purchase orders, or wait around on quotes With pricing and spec sheets available at their fingertips, clients can shop at their convenience and immediately have the necessary information available to them. With product filtering and a search feature, it is easy to navigate through all of the product options that we have to offer. Croft Supply also has a simple, online checkout system that is available 24/7, giving customers the ability to shop whenever they chose.

What we sell:

Croft Supply has a team of engineers that quality test every product before we sell it on our website. We understand that your equipment/project depends on the reliability and that a deficiency in one of its components is not an option. We routinely reject products that do not measure up to our standards of quality and we don’t sell any items that we wouldn't personally utilize. Our product lineup includes parts and supplies from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

While we are selective in the brands and options that we offer, we also understand that customers have different needs and preferences. Because of this, we are constantly adding more manufacturers and options so that our customers can select what works best for them.

What sets up apart:

We constantly strive to create the best customer experience possible. Our staff knows their business when it comes to parts and instrumentation, so you can rest assured that when you shop with us, you will always get the product that's right for you. Our next-day shipping for every order ensures that you receive your products as soon as possible! We accept all major credit cards, and our website is maintained to the highest standards to guarantee the security of your financial data. Our efficient e-commerce platform provides you with a hassle-free shopping experience. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with your order, you can get a full refund within 30 days. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our company or products!