Resin Bonded Filter | Product Video

Resin Bonded Filter | Product Video

Posted by Tori Valigura on May 20th 2021

Today we're going to be talking about particulate filters, specifically the kind that go in these style housings. These are the Nowata style housings, which have high-pressure and low-pressure configurations as well as the single and the multi-cartridge length filter housings.

Resin Bonded Filter Applications 

The particulate filters that go inside these housings are used for multiple applications such as glycol or amine, as well as many other uses within oil and gas and other industries.

Resin Bonded Filter Options

We offer two different types of materials. We have a polypropylene string wound style as well as a resin bonded polyester, which is probably the one that you are typically more used to seeing. We offer the standard two-and-a-half-inch diameter by nine-and three-quarter long filter as well as this longer style [filter] in the polypropylene option that is 19 and a half inches long and fits perfectly in this double length filter housing and there's some cost savings to be had with the longer filters as the single [filter] is cheaper than two the longer filters.

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