The Jonell JFG-36 full view

(Box of 4) Gas Coalescing Filter, JFG-36, 3.3" OD x 36" Length, Outside-to-Inside, Open End, Fiberglass, Jonell

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The JFG-36 filters are sold by the box (quantity of 4).

Part Matrix: 

Part Number Outer Diameter Length End Type Micron Croft # Unit Price
JFG-36-MP-1 3.3" 36" Open End 0.3 FI1072
JFG-36-UP 3.3" 36" Open End 0.5 FIL1007  
JFG-36 3.3" 36" Open End 1.0 FIL1013  


Application: Natural Gas

Filter Description: JFG: (Coalescing Filter) The depth fiberglass filter series is specifically designed for gas filtration. Through the combination of a specialized glass fiber coalescing media in a varying scale of fiber diameters, this graded density depth style design provides the optimum combination of solid contaminant holding capability and liquid particle coalescing capability. They are designed for the removal of particles from a gas stream, as well as, coalescing liquids for easier removal.

Housing: This filter fits vessel housings designed to hold 3.3"OD/2.1"ID by 36" Long filters that flow from Outside the filter to Inside. Common manufacturers for these filter housings include PECO, Exterran, Valerus, Hanover, Smith, Global Vessel, and KW International.

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