Amine Plant 

amine.pngThe Amine gas treatment plant is also referred to as the Gas Sweetening System. The plant brings in sour gas (gas that contains hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide) which are frequently found in raw natural gas streams. Carbonic acid, a very highly corrosive mixture, is created when CO2 is combined with water. H2S is highly toxic in concentrated amounts, so it is very important to remove these compounds safely and as soon as possible to avoid damage to equipment and personnel.

Amine plants can be serviced at different frequencies depending on the size and design. For example, some amine plants require 24/7 service and others can go for a week without service to ensure the system is running properly, as well as the parts. An amine plant relies heavily on properly functioning parts, which can degrade quickly in corrosive environments.




Amine Plant Parts