​JFG Coalescing Filters | Product Video

​JFG Coalescing Filters | Product Video

Posted by Tori Valigura on Dec 14th 2020

Today we are talking about coalescing filters. Here we have our JFG (Jonell) or FG (PECO) style filter typical part number for this would be an FG336. Now, these are depth style filters designed for natural gas, and they are inside to outside flow, which means the gas goes from the outside into the inside of the filter.

Diameters and Length Options

These coalescing filters come in a couple different diameters we have a 3.3” a 4.5” and a 5.5” filter. You can also get them in various lengths from a 6” filter to a 36” or a 72” length filter.

JFG Filter End Types

Make sure to pay attention to the ends when you're ordering the JFG filters and make sure that you get either the closed end style or the double open-end style needed for your particular closure.

Changing Out Your JFG Filter

On filter changeouts we recommend that these coalescing filters get changed out every six months to a year. If they're in service for too long, they can start to degrade, which makes them very tricky to remove.

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