JRF / JVF Charcoal Filter | Product Video

JRF / JVF Charcoal Filter | Product Video

Posted by Tori Valigura on Feb 2nd 2021

Today we're going to be talking about activated carbon filter cartridges also known as charcoal filters now these are typically used in glycol or amine systems but can also be used for water applications and these are really good at removing impurities that can cause foaming or other issues within those systems.

Diameters and Length Options 

They come in a couple different common model numbers that you may be familiar with a JRF-1120 or a JRF-1122 and those are Jonell part numbers. These are also interchangeable with Peco brand as direct replacements for those as well. They come in a couple different diameters. We have a seven-inch diameter and we also have the larger more common 11-inch diameter and they also come in a couple different lengths. The common length is a 20-inch-long filter, and we also have a 22-inch-long filter and for certain housings a 36-inch-long filter.

Flow Styles 

They also come in two different flow styles here we have a radial flow which is an outside to inside flow where the flow goes through these perforations in the shell of the canister. We also have a vertical flow which will go through the top ports and flow through the body of the canister. Using the vertical flow, you can get longer lifespans of the activated charcoal inside, but you do need to make sure that these are compatible with the filter housing that you're using.

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