Why Choose Croft Supply?

Why Choose Croft Supply?

Posted by Cameron Croft on Dec 27th 2017

Croft Supply was founded by engineers and manufacturers that have been in the oil and natural gas industry for over 10 years. After designing and manufacturing production and processing equipment for the oil and gas industry we have worked with many vendors from small mom and pops to large national suppliers. There was a considerable amount of time wasted establishing vendors and then waiting to receive quotes for pricing every time we wanted to order a part. Then when we did the order, no tracking numbers were given unless we asked and sometimes we had to call again to confirm they received the order. Bottom line; it was extremely frustrating.  

Research and Analysis

Doing our due diligence, we conducted a vendor analysis for over 58 vendors across the nation that we purchased parts from. We measured response time, website viability,  credit application time, assistance for product searches, delivery of products, follow-ups of delivery, delivery fulfillment and the big one cost. The results were astounding, as we found non-conformance across the board and minimum quality control. One vendor actually charged 480% over what another vendor 15 miles away charged for standard dump valve parts.

Build a Better Supply House

The Croft Supply team wanted to build something that gave immediate pricing and all the specifications/documentation for the part you wanted at your fingertips from either a computer or for field personnel utilizing their smartphone. We wanted to build something that we would want to buy from and we did.

But we wanted to be a platform that was open to many other products and allow people to voice their reviews of products that way to help others in choosing the best product for their projects. 

We strongly believe in continuous improvement and customer interaction, so if there is anything you would like us to carry or if there is a way we can tailor the experience to better fit your operations please give us feedback. Contact Us