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flangeDOTS - Self Adhesive Flange Protection

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flangeDOTS® – Self Adhesive Flange Protection

Protect your piping system and mechanical equipment components from corrosion, damage and internal debris. 

flangeDOTS® are adhesive flange protectors that hold up to the most aggressive blast medias including shot blasting. They also keep unwanted debris out of all your piping components during these processes.  flangeDOTS® can be installed and removed quickly and are precision cut to fit the raised face surface and give you a clean paint edge. They have a water-based adhesive that is safe to use on all grades of steel and specialty metals including stainless steel, and that contains a VCI additive which protects the flange face from rusting.

Here are a few benefits to using flangeDOTS®:

  • Precision Cut – No Trimming Required
  • Only Seconds to Install and Remove
  • Faster & Easier than Traditional Methods
  • Leaves No Adhesive Behind – No Clean-up required
  • Increases Profit Margins and Eliminates Unnecessary Labor Costs
  • Leaves Professional Paint Edge
  • Can be used during Indoor or Outdoor Storage
  • UV resistant for extended protection
  • Holds Up to the Most Aggressive Shot Blast
  • Works to preserve the flange face and the interior of the component
  • Prevents corrosion with the new VCI additive
  • Part of a patented preservation system
ASME / ANSI B16.5 Flange Dimensions
Nominal Pipe Size in Inches Raised Face Diameter in Inches Price Per Each
1/2 1.375 RFQ
3/4 1.688 RFQ
1 2.000 RFQ
1 1/4 2.500 RFQ
1 1/2 2.875 RFQ
2 3.625 $1.64
2 1/2 4.125 RFQ
3 5.000 $2.52
3 1/2 5.500 RFQ
4 6.188 $3.34
5 7.313 RFQ
6 8.500 $5.33
8 10.625 RFQ
10 12.750 RFQ
12 15.000 RFQ
Larger Sizes Available Upon Request    





















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