Scale Breaker (1 Pail)

Scale Breaker (1 Pail)

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The Scale Breaker Sticks are primarily used in water injection wells to remove carbonate scale, rust deposits, and lower injection pressures. Injection pressure drops of several hundred PSI have been observed following Scale Breaker Stick treatments. Some wells have gone on vacuum and taken water by gravity. Success has also been experienced in some oil wells, gas wells, and water supply wells.

Scale Breaker Sticks are dropped directly into the well or introduced to the system through the water supply tank. Dropping the stick directly into a well is best because not as much dilution will occur. In a well with tubing obstructions or small valve opening, Scale Breaker Sticks may be successfully used by first dissolving the sticks in fresh water and then pumping or pouring the solution into the well.

Scale Breaker Sticks are very economical (as compared to conventional scale removal operations) and can eliminate or delay the need for HCl acid treatments. Continuous treatment with Scale Breaker Sticks (especially after a conventional acid or clean-out job) can extend the time period between future scale removal operations. Scale Breaker Sticks are less corrosive to steel pipe than conventional liquid HCl acid jobs because most of the acid generated by the stick is released down hole. Conventional liquid HCl acid reacts with the steel, rust, and scale inside the pipe all the way down the well. Scale Breaker Sticks are corrosion inhibited and mildly corrosive to steel (like inhibited amidosulfonic acids).

Scale Breaker Sticks are safe to handle and easy to use by less experienced field personnel; however, like all acids, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Scale Breaker Sticks are safe to use in cement lined tubing and plastic lined pipe. Continued treatments over long periods of time through a by-pass feeder into cement lined pipe should be avoided.

This stick is equivalent to the ACID STICK®

Product Specifications:

  • Form: Solid 
  • Color: Brown
  • pH: 2-3
  • Specific Gravity: 1.094
  • Melt Point: 123°F
  • Solubility in Water: 100%
  • Solubility in Oil: 100% 
  • Solubility in Crude: Insoluble 
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