About Us

About Croft Supply

Croft Supply was founded by engineers that have been in the oil and natural gas industry for over 10 years. While designing and manufacturing equipment for production and processing in the oil and gas industry,  they have worked with many vendors from small mom and pops to large national suppliers. There was a considerable amount of time wasted establishing vendors and waiting to receive quotes every time an order was needed. Once an order was placed, confirmations and tracking numbers were not provided, making for a frustrating wait. 


Why Buy from Croft Supply?

It would take you a lifetime to wade through all of the products on the market looking for the best quality pieces for your projects. We’ve simplified the process for you because we only carry parts and instrumentation made by manufacturers who start with quality materials. You don’t have to sort through a pile of foreign knockoffs. Every manufacturer, we work with takes pride in the work they do.

You won’t always find the trendiest products at Croft Supply, but you will find parts and instrumentation that do what they’re supposed to do.