What is a chemical injection system?

What is a chemical injection system?

Posted by Cameron Croft on Aug 5th 2019

What is a chemical injection system?

The Chemical Injection System, or CIS for short, is utilized for a wide range of gas processing problems such as the presence of paraffin, hydrates, high salt content, and many other production difficulties. The CIS is an environmentally friendly alternative to an amine plant regarding the removal of H2S. The chemical injection process introduces chemicals to the gas stream that remove impurities or contaminants.

What parts to a chemical injection system?

It is recommended that the chemical injection system be serviced on a weekly basis to ensure the system is running properly, as well as the parts. As with any system, parts that can wear down over time.

  1. Dump Valves –Dump Valves keep the system's water and fluids at manageable levels by opening and releasing fluids when specified levels are reached. 
  2. Liquid Level Controllers – Liquid level controllers keep the system's water and fluids at manageable levels by triggering dumps to release fluids when they reach specified levels.
  3. Sight Glass – A sight glass is a transparent tube that allows you to see the process fluid level inside a vessel.
  4. Gauge Valve Sets –These valves are used when replacing a broken sight glass to isolate process fluid.
  5. Pressure Regulators (Not Pictured) – Pressure regulators regulate the pressure to levels that are suitable for instrumentation.
  6. Pressure Gauges (Not Pictured) – Pressure gauges are designed to show process pressure.
  7. Thermowells (Not Pictured) – Thermowells are designed to block the process fluid and to be a connection port for temperature gauges.

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