• Kimray

    (230 SGT BP-D) Backpressure Valve

    The Kimray Back Pressure valve controls pressure upstream of the valve by adjusting the set point to the desired max upstream pressure. Used on separators, flow treaters, compressor stations, and gas gathering systems. Utilizes process gas to operate...

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  • BMD

    RG10 Pressure Regulator

    The RG10, commonly referred to as "Big Joe," is a High Pressure, direct spring operated, pressure regulator. Its high pressure, heavy duty design makes it ideal for pressure regulation in the oil and natural gas industry. Typical applications include...

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  • BMD

    RG20 Pressure Regulator

    The RG20, commonly referred to as "Little Joe," is a direct spring operated, pressure regulator that can be used anywhere pressure regulation of natural gas, air or other gas is required. Its housing can be moved to one of four positions to save space...

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  • BMD

    RG30 Pressure Regulator

    The RG30 is a compact, spring-operated regulator normally used to supply air or gas to pilots, positioners or other pneumatic controls. It features an internal relief to help maintain an accurate downstream pressure, rugged aluminum housing construction...

  • BMD

    RG40 Pressure Regulator

    The RG40 is a compact, high pressure, spring operated regulator designed to reduce high pressures down to working pressures. It features a rugged brass body and housing with a durable metal diaphragm and nylon disk for handling high pressure drops...