Water Vapor Detection tubes designed for H20 detection in natural gas streams.

CV10 Control Valve

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CV10 Brochure
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The CV10 is suited for wide range of applications such as flow control, pressure control and level control. Typical areas of installation include wellheads, separators, scrubbers and other production equipment. The CV10's hammer union allows maintenance to be conducted easier and more efficiently by allowing the topworks to be removed without removing the valve out of line.


  • 1" Female NPT, Butt Weld and Socket Weld Connections
  • Direct Actuator
  • Actuator Size: No. 35 (35 in² area)
  • Carbon Steel Material
  • Buna Seals
  • Quick Open Stainless Trim
  • .25" & .50" Trim Size
  • Pressure Rating: 4000 psi
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